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The Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver for Windows lets you connect up to four wireless headsets and four wireless controllers to a computer running Microsoft Windows or if using the CronusMAX in wireless mode with an Xbox 360.

  • Use Xbox 360 Wireless Controllers with CronusMAX and Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360 & PS3.
  • Works with current and future Xbox 360 wireless accessories.
  • Uses intgrated 2.4Gigahertz (GHz) High-performance wireless technology that lets you operate a wireless device from up to 30 feet(10M) away.
  • Lets you use up to four wireless controllers and four wireless headsets together with one wireless gaming receiver
  • Connects to a powered USB 2.0 port on a computer or CronusMAX.
  • Cable length: approx 1.8m / 6ft

Microsoft Windows Inctructions CLICK HERE

CronusMAX Instructions CLICK HERE

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I love Big butts I love Big butts Verified Purchase

Nothing is wrong with the product itself. It came on time and packaged well. The only problem is I had purchased this with intent on using it for my xbox 360 with my wireless xbox 360 controller and cronus zen. The controller I had was the xbox 360 special edition silver and black controller. I was not aware however that to use this product with a wireless xbox 360 on a xbox 360 you also require an additional xbox 360 authenticate wired controller. This means you have to plug in a wired controller into the cronus zen and plug in this wireless receiver paired up with the wireless controller you plan to use or else the xbox is not going to read the controller. It would have been nice to be notified about the fact that I required a wired controller in addition to my wireless controller to use my controller on my xbox 360. I don't understand why this product even exist. Why would someone go out of their way and pay more when they already have a wired controller that they can use with zen.

Admin: Yes you have to use the Microsoft Wireless Adapter to use a Microsoft Wireless Controller, and you ALWAYS have to use a wired controller for security authentication. It is explained why (in great detail) on our website and in the User Guide

Folks want to use mods on their Xbox wireless controller and this is what they have to do (if the controller is not bluetooth - which yours isn't). If you don't want to use a wireless controller, you don't have to - you get the option to do both. Sorry that you misunderstood that, but thank you for confirming there is nothing wrong with your Cronus Zen and that it works as advertised.