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The Beloader Pro is a standalone PS5 Remote Play device which allows you to connect Cronus Zen to a PS5 using the PS Remote Play protocol, but on your LOCAL no-lag network, not the remote laggy one. This eliminates most, if not all disconnecting and lag issues some users experience when gaming on a PS5.

The great thing about this device is that you no longer need to use the PS4 Speciality Mode to play PS5 games without any disconnecting or lag.

Beloader Pro
2 x 3ft USB-C cables (Used for Beloader Power and Ext Power for Headsets)

Required for use with Cronus Zen:
Cronus Zen (with latest firmware and latest Zen Studio)
Ethernet Cable (we use a great quality 10ft CAT6)
USB-C cable for your DUALSENSE/XBOX SERIES X|S controller (we use a good quality 10ft USB-C braided gaming cable).
USB-C OTG Adapter (very useful for using the front USB-C port of the PS5 for power to the Beloader, and also allows you to connect Cronus Zen to any mobile device, Android or Apple).

Step-by-Step Instructions: