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Collective Minds PS4 Cool N' Charge Stand - Dual Controller Charger with Triple Fan Console Cooler


Weight 1.09 lbs
Manufacturer Collective Minds
Our Price: US$29.99 (€26.69)


The Collective Minds Cool N’ Charge Stand has three key functions to enhance your PS4 console enjoyment. First, it is a vertical stand. The PS4 console is a sleekly designed machine that looks its best in the vertical position. The Collective Minds Cool N’ Charge Stand maintains that beauty with a high gloss finish stand that secures your PS4 console safely in a vertical position.

Second, it is a cooling system. In the vertical position, the PS4 console operational temperature is greatly increased versus the horizontal position. With the Collective Minds Cool N’ Charge Stand, you never have to worry. A triple fan system pushes a high volume of air flow through your PS4 console keeping it cool even through marathon gaming sessions.

Third, it is a dual charger. The Collective Minds Cool N’ Charge Stand features two charging ports that are designed to cradle your Dual Shock 4 controllers. The innovative AC pass through system means that two controllers are charged in as little time as possible.

  • Designed for Playstation 4
  • Two Dual shock 4 Simultaneous Charging Cradles
  • AC powered Fast Charging
  • Triple Fan Console Cooling system
  • High Gloss Vertical Console Stand