Collective Minds Strike Pack Dominator - Xbox One

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Manufacturer Collective Minds
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Boost your performance during your next gaming session by adding the StrikePack FPS Dominator Mod Pack to your controller. It's easy to install, fitting into the battery compartment and connecting to the Xbox One console with the included 10' cable (wireless not supported).

This wired Next Generation mod pack features a wide range of mods already built-in, some with wide applications and some that are game-specific. On-the-fly mapping allows you to create additional controls customized to your preferences and playing style. Enjoy actions like Rapid Fire, Drop Shot, Adjustable Burst Fire, Anti-Recoil and many others.

The Xbox One mod pack is also a useful tool for tournament play, giving you an edge against other competitors. Fitting underneath the controller, it's easily accessible while leaving thumbs to operate other buttons and controls. 

Strikepack FPS Dominator Wired Mod Pack: 

  • Adds paddles to Xbox One controller
  • Boosts performance in FPS games
  • On the fly paddle mapping
  • Tournament mode with button re-mapper
  • Built-in controller mode mode
  • Supports Rapid Fire, Drop Shot, Quickscope, Turbo 2.0 and other paddle-triggered mods
  • Xbox One mod pack includes 10' cable
  • Fits securely into battery compartment of controller
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