Collective Minds Strike Pack Hair Trigger Stop - Xbox Series X/S

Category: Strike Pack
Manufacturer: Collective Minds
Manufacturer Collective Minds
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Weight 0.10 lbs

NOTE: Xbox Strike Pack Hair Trigger Stops work with all games using a Strike Pack adapter but is, also compatible with any game that supports the Hair Trigger option.
Hair Trigger compatible games do not require a Strike Pack adapter for usage.
Compatible with Xbox Series X/S controller model 1914.
Elite Controller Series NOT supported.
Controller NOT included.
Strike pack NOT included.

Hair Trigger Stops can greatly improve your reaction time using the Left and Right Triggers on your controller when used with the Xbox Strike Pack adapter.
Physically stopping the triggers sooner provides a more visceral and tactile feeling than using the MOD alone. Fire Faster and gain the advantage over your competition where milliseconds matter. 
The Adjustment Switch means you never have to remove the Strike Pack Hair Trigger Stops. You can minimize trigger throw for your favorite shooter instantly and return to full throttle control in racing games at any time, all without removing the Hair Trigger Stops from your controller.

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