Cronus Zen + Zen Back Button Bundle (PS4) **NEW FOR 2022**

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Manufacturer: Collective Minds
Manufacturer Collective Minds
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Cronus Zen Back Button
Cronus MK Switch


You will receive the NEW CRONUS ZEN (the latest upgrade to CronusMAX) - plus the new Cronus Zen Back Button for DualShock 4 Wireless Controllers!

Cronus is the world's #1 selling video game controller add-on - use your favorite controller on your favorite console while blitzing your opponents with thousands of available mods for the latest games! 

This bundle also includes the new Cronus Zen Back Button for DualShock 4 Controllers! Click here for more information:

The award-winning Cronus is the world's most powerful video game controller add-on that unleashes the true power of your controller, unlocking more features than ever before. Re-designed from the ground up, you now have access to powerful modes such as Crossover Gaming which allows you to use your favorite controller on PS5, PS5, XBOX SERIES X|S, NINTENDO SWITCH, PS4, XBOX ONE, PS3, XBOX 360 or WINDOWS PC. It also converts your controller into a fully loaded war machine without installing any chips or wires and DOES NOT void your warranty. Features such as the Rapidfire, Jitter, Quickscope, Akimbo, Drop Shot, Fast Reload, Auto Breath, and much more - without spending hundreds of dollars on an expensive modded controller!


4.36 out of 5 stars
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Customer Reviews
Cassidy F
This thing is Amazing with what it can do. Get to the Forums and figure it all out, it's worth it. A wired mic is not supported, so you can't chat through it unless you got wireless.
This works great and I love using my Xbox One controller on my 360, but I hate how I can't use my Xbox One Turtle Beach with it, there should have been a disclaimer stating that you cant use wired mics with it. I know its in the manual and probably my fault for not reading it before purchase. Hopefully wired mic support will be added in an update soon...
t's pretty good it works right out of the box but . i buyed the cronux because i the xbox one control and i have a ps4 too and i love that control because it's more precise at least for me. Anyway that's not the point it worked also with my 360 controller so it's a win win situation here u can use the control of ur preference with the system of ur preference my only complain is that it doesn't support mic chat while ur using it a least out of the box I don't know if there's an option once u plug it in ur computer and install the updates but if u just want to play with ur favorite controller it's perfect no lag no anything and by the way I use wire version because wireless doesn't work out of the box I hope this helps everyone that's thinking about buying one of these.

Admin: Yes there are options to use mic - see this page in the manual:
Jimmy Swift
Stunning product - works absolutely perfectly for my 360 Scuf Controller on an Xbox One. Thanks CronusMAX !
Stephen Lerch
Works as advertised, great adapter for multi-console owners. Unit arrived promptly and was quickly using mouse and keyboard on XBOX 360 and COD:Ghost. I choose this one because of xbox 360 and one support.

Read other reviews and cronousmax forums and you should be good.
Jesse Krank
Fantastic Product. This product has extensive instructions to help with the use of the product. Fantastic and friendly forums. Prompt replies to questions users might have. Takes a little bit to understand and navigate the different features, but the instructions, as well as forums, are very helpful.
I used the Xim3 before this on the Xbox 360 and it was a great product. Then started using this instead and I like the extra freedom you get with it. I use it to be able use mouse and keyboard with games. They also support many types of controllers. I used it on Xbox One. Have not personally tested it myself yet, but they now support Playstation 4.
It allows for creating your own keybindings and macros, along with selecting from a library consisting of ones already created. Takes very basic programming knowledge that anyone can acquire when creating your own macros, and as stated previously if you are having trouble or have any issues, the forums are very helpful. Being able to create a script that changes the mouse sensitivity based on whether your infantry, vehicle, or scope you use, and so on in a game like battlefield 4 is very nice.
Bill Cash
FANTASTIC PRODUCT !!!! Awesome performance. I can now play with my friends on xbox using my Playstation 3 controller. The programming was simple and it works every time.
Rob Anderson
Your product is what I have been looking for more than three years now. The rapidfire function is awesome and I use keyboard and mouse which has improved my call of duty performance in huge ways. Thanks for a great product.
Jorge Lozano
I am really enjoying this product. One of the best controller products that I have ever used for a game console!
Trevor Jones
Fantastic all in one solution! I have been a XCM user for a long time now and this is a better all-in-one solution by far. XCM can suck it lol
Chris Gersbach
Got my CronusMAX the other day after ditching the Titan One due to lack of gamepack support and snobby attitude of their support staff and it's absolutely brilliant, pure beauty, no issues with set up at all.

10/10 all day every day !
Skudai Johor
Awesome product - has enhanced my gaming experience 100x - very fast delivery too - great work !
David Lee
Just bought it 2 days ago. Waiting for shipment. Hopefully its great like my. Crossfire for the xbox 360 back then. Cant wait omg finally i can play fighting games like a pro again.. Ps3 controller on xbox one. Killer instinct.
Pedro Tamayo
great product I recommend this to any one all day 10/10
Reynaldo Rodriguez Mansilla
Controllermax thank you for this excellent product, I'm a pc gamer and now I can play with my friends on xbox as in pc.

I am very happy with my cronusmax, totally recommend.
CronusMax works great for disabled gamers and amputees. This product allows the user to remap button functions so that all of the functions are on one side to the controller. This has worked great for my child. Additionally, you can create combos that mimic multiple button pushes in rapid succession. This is helpful for one handed gamers or people with mobility or fine motor skill issues.

You can use the CronusMax with different input devices (like a USB Joystick) to remap buttons and joystick movements to emulate your game console controller.

Programming scripts to remap and for combos is not easy or intuitive, however there is great support on the CronusMax forums. Users even volunteer to create scripts for you. I hope more disabled gamers become aware of this incredible device. If you are a disabled gamer (friend or parent of one) please get the word out. This has helped my child tremendously.
I just ordered the new CronusMAX PLUS, can't wait to start using it soon.
Frederick King
Fantastic product. Using my xbox 360 arcade stick on my xbox one with no issues. Took less than 10 minutes to get it running.
Used the CronusMAX to use a PS4 controller on an Xbox One system (wired). It was easy to set-up and works great. The only complaint I have is that you have to connect the Xbox One controller and then the PS4 controller every time you start the system BUT the CronusMAX manual did say that this must be done. Want to set this up to work wirelessly but haven't yet.
I have been using this thing since the day it came in the mail. As I am getting older my gaming years have wreaked some havoc on my wrists and fingers and can no longer have marathons of nonstop gaming binges. That's why I bought this item, to save my fingers from constant button mashing type games.
Granted I have only tested this on my ps3, from my experience, it works great. A little visual basic/c++ background can go a long way with the programming. I don't remember much of that stuff, but was able to learn from examples and the programming index to set my own combos and loop statements. The visual gpc programming plugin is fantastic once you understand what you are trying to do and what each of the unique commands mean. I wish there was a physical manual identical to the one online, which doesn't seem to have an easy print function. But if you search around the internet everything you need is out there.
I love trying out new command loops and programs. Great features, 10 banks to use of different programs you can switch to manually on the fly, online community, you can even record every button press with a plugin and it generates the script for everything you just entered. It is a very powerful tool for sure!
Bought this to use my arcade stick on xbox one and ps4 and it works great.
Missy V
Great product. Does exactly what it's meant to do with easy instructions.
Gregory Benward
Exactly what I expected work great 110% satisfied customer
Mr. Matthew Fung
I found this product from the internet. I was looking for solution on using my Logistic G27 racing wheel to PS4. Firstly, I doubt that there might be some connecting issues for using an adopter. However, the product was work properly and fine in PS4, the setting was also easy, just follow step by step instruction from the Cronusmax website.
Moreover, I would like to say thank you to the sales team of Cronusmax for follow up my inquiry and the postal issues.
Anyway, I highly recommended this product to everyone.
Baught it, and it got here at a reasonable pace, and it works perfectly!! I'm able to play my older xbox 360 arcade stick on both my PS3 AND PS4!
10/10 would recommend~
Saves me the money of having to buy a scuf for my xbox one. I can just use my PS4 Scuf. A+++
Fast delivery after holidays, great communication, the cronus works perfectly and easy to use, 100% satisfied !
Guys, you are the best! 9 days from USA to Ukraine! Now my G27 is back in the game!
Fast delivery, great product. Customer service is excellent if you read the easy instructions and don't ask stupid questions lol 10/10
Mr. Bruce Chiasson
Great product used it to have the comfort of my elite controller on my ps4
Justin Cooper
Easiest set-up & you can basically use any controller with any console/system.
Great product worked well for using my xbox controller on ps4.
I purchased a cronusmax plus in 2017. I use it regularly to grind monotonous tasks in various games. It works well and the programming language is easy to learn. I'm knocking off one star because cronus does not support device ID passthrough. This means that music games like guitar hero won't recognize the guitar when plugged into the cronus, instead it's treated as a standard controller. The Titan Two supports this feature by default. If this doesn't matter to you (as is likely the case for the vast majority of people), I don't have any other complaints about the cronus.
Mr. Bruce Lortz
I got an email offering a 15% discount if a gave a review. It did not specify that it had to be a positive review, so I give them credit for that.
Regardless, I do really like this product. The programming language was not the easiest to figure out, but I did manage to get things set up to allow me to "idle achieve" a few of the more tedious Achievements. I noticed that the accuracy of the device did not allow me to automate playing certain Pinball FX games, but it worked fine for everything else that I tried. Granted, this was most likely my unwillingness to fine tune things.
The bottom line is, I would highly recommend this to even casual gamers, just for the capabilities and experience.
Mr. Ribbons
Purchased a while back, in order to be able to use MAK with PS4, and it worked wanders. Plan to upgrade to new version soon.
Mr. Yes
Mr. Denis Estevez
Works as advertised, great adapter for multi-console owners.
Dave Mercado
worked great the whole time I had it.
Mr. George Iankoulov
Awesome product. Durable construction.

Very happy with product overall.
il cronus non è arrivato dopo 13 giorni che aspetto (con la spedizione veloce) ora andremmo alle poste per sapere dove si trova il mio pacco per me mi hanno truffato in una maniera incredibile perchè lo stato del pacco e completo quindi è arrivato io domani andrò alle poste e se non si sa dove si trova quasi sicuramente li denuncero
Ms. Karnedra Darden
this is the biggest piece of crap company that i have ever done business with and i buy cheap china tattoo supplies i had a return and the next produck does not work and i did not get my full ps4 cronus zen package back. they asked for all stickers and everything theey sent but i dont get my full product in return and the zen has the exact same problem as before i have tried everything and now im having problems trying to just get a refund. I will never buy any product that thus company has and i really feel as if i have been scamed. Ishould have just gotten a scuf controller
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