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Manufacturer: Collective Minds
Manufacturer Collective Minds
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We're no longer able to make these. Please use the HORI Mini-Pad in it's place - it does the same job.

Adds PS5 Game Support to the Cronus Zen by enabling PS4 Speciality Mode without connecting a third-party controller (the controller chip is built into the dongle to make this a much cleaner setup).


  • Adds PS5 Game support to the Cronus Zen (Game must support third-party licensed PS4 controllers)
  • PS4 Speciality Controller not required!
  • Supports headsets (controller must be wired, dongle to A1)
  • Supports Sony PS5 DualSense Controllers
  • Supports Microsoft Xbox Series X|S Controllers
  • Supports Sony PS4 DualShock 4 Controllers
  • Supports most third-party PS4 Controllers
  • Supports Microsoft Xbox One Controllers
  • Supports most third-party Xbox One Controllers

Note: This product requires a Cronus Zen to function. 

Important: Some PS5 games do not support PS4 Speciality Mode, and those that do support it can be patched by the game developer at any time, which is obviously out of our control. 

A PS5 game must support PS4 Speciality Mode in order for this product to work with Cronus Zen. It is important for you to be aware that the game developer can remove this feature with a software patch at any time, therefore no returns are accepted after 30 days of purchase, and returns will only be accepted if the Dongle is faulty, not if the game you were playing was patched. You will know if the game has been patched if it tells you that the controller you have connected is not supported. A good example of this is Call of Duty: Vanguard or NBA 2K22 (PS5 versions).

There are PS4 speciality mode workarounds available however, for example the Rainbow Six Siege PS5 version of the game was recently patched so that it no longer supports PS4 Speciality mode, but you can switch to the PS4 version of the game using the PS5 crossgen feature, and it will fully work with the PS5 Dongle and Cronus Zen (yes you can use your PS5 DualSense controller with the PS4 version of the game and mods will work just fine). Check here for the latest information.

For the Cronus Zen to recognize PS5 games, the game must be able to support PS4 Speciality Mode. Most PS5 games do, however some do not, and they can be patched at any time. You can find the latest information regarding compatibility here:

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Customer Reviews
awesome if you have the ps5 n custom contoller a must have ! i use a astro c40 n 1st got the zen to play on120fps zen and ps5 does not work well with a ps4 controller you at least need the hori mini but idk if its me but i feel like this product works the smoothest no problems no bulky controller with wires either very happy came to nj in literally 4-5 days too
Wow. This is it, folks. My Xbox Wireless Elite 2 previously collecting dust is now taking out baddies, beasties and reviving felled buddies on the battlefield once again thanks to the Cronus Zen (firmware 2.09) and this little beauty; the PlayStation 5 Dongle.

Short version: you can now fire up your PlayStation 5 games with your favorite controller, if the DualSense isn’t your gig. I have De Quervain’s tenosynovitis or, gamer’s thumb in both wrists. Having a controller with back paddles is a must-have for me. My thumbs are toast after logging hundreds of hours in “Assassin’s Creed Odyssey”.

I had issues at first trying to get past the log in screen of my PS5. It took me quite a while to realize that the Zen Studio software didn’t include the “Enable PS4 Specialty” button!!

I flashed the Zen device, downloaded the 2.09 firmware, deleted and reinstalled the Zen Studio software and THEN the “Enable PS4 Specialty” button appeared.

Make sure you have the 2.09 firmware, people!
Mr. Wise
Delivered within 2 days of ordering
Mr. Mabelis Mabelis
Still waiting for the Zen but tested it with a friend. Great product, crappy service & customer care. Remarks added to the order asking to combine it with my Zen pre-orders (as suggested by Cronus customer care) were completely ignored and I ended up with double shipping fees that set me back 30USD. Attempts to get some restitution failed.

Cronus Support: I'm sorry you feel our service is below standard. You made two separate orders with two separate shipping payments. The PS5 Dongle was in stock so that was shipped immediatley. The website does instruct what to do if you wish to add additional items to a current order, simply contact support and they will manually add it for you so you don't have to make a second order and don't have to pay for shipping again.
Mr. Billy Jordan
It works great with the ps5 controller with this add on . I t was an easy and smooth transition. Definitely a must have it works with or without the charging wire. I prefer wireless. 4Stars
Mr. Mitchell Meno
I love the PS5 dongle, I have been using the Zen for almost a year now and going onto the PS five this is going to make it so much easier to play next GEN games!
Mr. Steven turner
Works well, had no instructions in the package. Still have no idea what the button on it does. But all in all it does what it's intended to do.

Admin: There is a printed Quick Start guide inside the box and you are also give the link to all of the main guides and community on our website - you will see the button on the dongle does nothing (yet). Here you go:

Thank you for the review!
Mr. Sidney Crissman
I talked to a guy named Frank on the phone and in Emails, he told me I can return my ps5 dongle and Zen if I wasn't happy. So I did. I sent them both back. I got the money for zen but not the ps5 dongle $45.98 they have of my money and I have Email evidence they keep getting me the run around and say they're looking into it for 2 months now. Still nothing idk how this company can get away with it. I bet I sent them 80 emails and I have to keep opening up tickets to talk to someone trough email 3 days after sending it. I just want my money back so I'm writing my review of this product and company. I would not buy.
Mr. James Bixler
This is all crap. I did everything it said to use it and it never worked I contacted support who basically said to follow the online directions, which I had already done multiple times. I felt like they basically told me to go screw. I wasted my money and never got to use the zen once, not with the dongle and not without the dongle. I will never purchase anything from this company again and I suggest you do not as well.

Admin: Customer absolutely did NOT follow the correct instructions. Looking at the support tickets the firmware and Zen studio software were both old, out of date versions. Every user who blames the hardware for not working simply didn't follow the correct instructions, and it will always be a mystery why they get so upset when you tell them this? Everything is right here - it's why we call the page READ ME FIRST

How to install the Cronus Zen PS5 Dongle