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We're no longer able to make these. Please use the HORI Mini-Pad in it's place - it does the same job.

Adds PS5 Game Support to the Cronus Zen by enabling PS4 Speciality Mode without connecting a third-party controller (the controller chip is built into the dongle to make this a much cleaner setup).


  • Adds PS5 Game support to the Cronus Zen (Game must support third-party licensed PS4 controllers)
  • PS4 Speciality Controller not required!
  • Supports headsets (controller must be wired, dongle to A1)
  • Supports Sony PS5 DualSense Controllers
  • Supports Microsoft Xbox Series X|S Controllers
  • Supports Sony PS4 DualShock 4 Controllers
  • Supports most third-party PS4 Controllers
  • Supports Microsoft Xbox One Controllers
  • Supports most third-party Xbox One Controllers

Note: This product requires a Cronus Zen to function. 

Important: Some PS5 games do not support PS4 Speciality Mode, and those that do support it can be patched by the game developer at any time, which is obviously out of our control. 

How to install the Cronus Zen PS5 Dongle