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HORI PS4 Mini-Pad

HORI PS4 Mini-Pad

The HORI PS4 Mini-Pad is used as the preferred PS4 Speciality third-party licensed controller, so that the Cronus Zen is able to support PS5 Games. Setup is very simple, all you need to do is enable PS4 Speciality M ode in Zen Studio and then connect the HORI and your PS5 DualSense controller as follows:

Without a Wired Headset:

  1. Connect HORI to Zen A1
  2. Connect PS5 DualSense Controller to Zen A3 (or pair to Zen with Bluetooth).

With a Wired Headset:

  1. Connect HORI to Zen A2
  2. Connect DualSense to Zen A3 (or pair to Zen with Bluetooth).

Note: Not all PS5 games support PS4 Speciality mode. Check the Step-by-Step Instructions for more detailed information: https://beta.cronusmax.com/pla...

This controller is OEM open box, packaged as new with a 30 day warranty. Colors may vary (Red/Blue/Black).

  • Cronus Zen: PS4 Speciality Controller (PS5 Games Support)
  • Officially Licensed by SONY
  • 10 ft/3M Cable Length