Cronus Zen Pre-Order Now!


Pre-Orders for Cronus Zen are now open.

The shipment is expected to begin on July 14th. Hurry as there are a limited number of spots available. Maximum 2 per customer. Shipping date is subject to change. 

New Cronus Zen shipment on its way


We're getting hundreds of calls and emails every day asking when the next batch of Zen are back in stock. We're happy to tell you that they are going through their final round of QC at the factory and should be arriving here next week.

If you would like to be notified as soon as they are able to buy, you can add your email address on the Zen product page:


Latest Shipping News


Almost all Cronus Zen backorders have now been shipped. There's around 160 on hold due to a unverified shipping address which needs confirming manually. We will be contact each customer to verify shipping address details - you can also confirm your shipping info with the Cronus Support Center Be sure to include your order number and full address exactley as it is on any of your other mail.

100% of DriveHub & StrikePack backorders have shipped.

Thank you for your patience!


Cronus Zen / Drive Hub / StrikePacks Shipping Update


Current Zen Backorder

Cronus Zen order numbers starting #50608 and ending #56515 will begin to ship June 15th. If your order number is valid and in the backorder queue, it's status will be marked as 'Processed'. We have enough stock to cover 100% of these orders.

All DriveHub and StrikePack backorders will also be shipped at the same time.

It will take around 2-3 days max to pack and ship this quantity, and they will be processed in order oldest to newest. An email will be sent with tracking information as soon as it is packed and ready to go. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE!

New Zen Orders

If you are looking to make a new Cronus Zen purchase, we have decided that it was in the best interest of our customers not to take pre-orders this time as we don't want to risk having to make you wait 3-4 weeks again because a shipment was stuck in US Customs due to massive delays for obvious reasons. We have a tentative delivery date of June 30th. If that date changes it will be updated on this news page.

As soon as I know what day they will be in our warehouse, they will be available again to buy. I recommend adding your name to the "Notify me when back in stock" option right underneath the Sold Out button (I've recently been told this is buggy on some cellphone browsers - use desktop mode in chrome or safari and it will work).

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, drope us a line at the Cronus Support Center

Charlie / MaxADMIN
Cronus Community Manager

Cronus Zen shipment finally released to us!


After 3 weeks of delays by US Customs (thanks to a craazy COVID-19 backlog) we have been informed that the shipment has been released and is now finally on its way to our warehouse.

I expect it to arrive this Friday and we will begin to ship all the pending backorders. 

Waiting for something as fun as this product really sucks, I get it, so thank you so much for your patience and support!

Cronus Zen Shipping Status Update


The shipment of Cronus Zen, DriveHubs & StrikePacks continue to be stuck in customs due to massive backlogs, HOWEVER I do expect them to be finally released sometime this week.

Waiting for these has been such a pain and we can only apologise for the delay. If I knew this delay would have happened I wouldn't have made them available to purchase - this has never happened to us before, crazy times :/

Thanks again for your patience. I have also sent an email out to those with a pending order just so you know you're not being ignored.

Remember if you need support, the Cronus Support Center is a very easy to use resource that keeps track of every mail that you ever send to us each with an ID number so you're not going to get lost in a company mailbox - visit here: https:/

Stay safe out there!

Charlie / MaxADMIN
Cronus Community Manager


Cronus Zen & DriveHubs Currently on Backorder & Server Move


The entire first shipment of Cronus Zen sold out in its first launch week, and there are still a good number of orders in the Backorder queue that will be shipped as soon as the next shipment arrives. We hoped it would be here by May 29th but it looks like it's going to be a little longer, US Customs aren't giving us much to go on right now so we'll just have to wait.

As you can imagine the last couple of months has been unprecedented in terms of demand while simultaneously being short-staffed due to COVID-19 stay-at-home orders in our home state of Virginia. The rules have now been relaxed during the Phase One "reopening" of the state, so more shipping staff will be returning within the next week, so as soon as the next shipment arrives we expect all backlogs to be cleared pretty quickly and hopefully, things will get back to normal around here in terms of an order being shipped the same day it was made.

In other related news, when Zen launched on May 11th, our server traffic went through the roof, so we had to migrate to a new enterprise-class server to cope with demand. Unfortunately, the mail server was corrupted and we lost a good number of emails, so if you have been chasing your order without a response, you're not being ignored or forgotten and you can be sure we will be in touch as soon as we get a shipment date confirmed.

This is an exciting gaming product, so we understand that it's painful to wait so long for something so awesome, especially if you are stuck at home with nothing to do but game all day (jealous) and appreciate your understanding and patience.

Charlie / MaxADMIN
Cronus Community Manager

Shipping Status


The new Cronus Zen has finally arrived and shipping has now begun. Any pending CronusMAX orders have been automatically upgraded to a Cronus Zen.

As you can imagine we're short-staffed due to COVID-19 issues, so we ask for your patience while we get through the orders as quickly as we possibly can.

For more information on the new Cronus Zen, check out our website at


Shipping during the COVID-19 Crisis


As you can imagine, like most of you, we're suffering from the fallout of the COVID-19 virus crisis and all staff are currently working from home. 

Luckily the warehouse is located in a remote area and the Manager lives on the same land, so he is able to go in and make sure shipping is processed every day.

Our thoughts are with everyone who is struggling right now. Stay safe out there!


Cronus Store 2019 Holiday Hours


We will be closed for the holidays from December 23rd and back open again on January 2nd, so all orders with in-stock items made after 4pm EST on Dec 22nd will be shipped on Jan 2nd.

If your item is on Back Order, pay attention to the "Stock Status" information on that page. As of right now DriveHubs are on Back Order and CronusMAX PLUS are almost completely sold out.

A huge thank you to all of our loyal customers. We sincerely appreciate your support. Wishing you and your families a joyous holidays and the very best in 2020.

Thanksgiving Holidays


We'll be closed for the holiday weekend through Monday Dec 2nd.

Have a safe and happy holiday!


CronusMAX back in stock and all backorders shipped


CronusMAX is now back in stock for a limited time only.

All backorders have now been shipped. Hurry and order while stocks last.

CronusMAX Backorder Update


All CronusMAX backorders should be shipped by July 5th.

We thank you for your patience while we get through a huge amount of orders.

Easter Holidays


Hi Folks,

Just a reminder that the US Post Office will not be collecting any mail during the Easter Holidays. They will resume collections on Tuesday April 23rd.

Happy Easter!




Starting today, all order with a USA delivery address over $75 will get free domestic first class shipping.

Yes, that means CronusMAX PLUS Mega Bundles and DriveHubs both automatically qualify for free shipping :)


Store Holiday Hours


We will be closed for the holidays from December 22nd and back open again on December 27th when shipping will resume until December 30th when we will be closed again until January 3rd

There's still a few international orders backed up from yesterday and we will get those out as soon as we're back.

A huge thank you to all of our loyal customers. We sincerely appreciate your support.  Wishing you and your families all the best in 2019.

CronusMAX Orders Update


All CronusMAX Back Orders have now been shipped!

Normal service resumes :)

CronusMAX Christmas Shipping Schedule


We're almost caught up with all the Back Orders. There are stilll a few orders from November left and they will all be shipped by Monday.

Orders made between December 1st and December 13th will be shipped by mid next week and all orders made up until December 20th will be made by December 20th which is our last shipping day for Christmas (select Priority shipping if you want to be as sure as possible that it will arrive in time)

Thank you all for you patience!

CronusMAX Back-Order Shipping Schedule Update



We have updated the Back-Order shipping schedule for CronusMAX.

If you made your CronusMAX order between:

Oct 12 - Oct 31st Your order has been shipped
Nov 1 - Nov 12th Your order has been shipped
Nov 13th - Nov 31st Your order should be shipped the week of December 10th
Dec 1st - Dec 7th Your order should be shipped by December 14th
Dec 8th+ Your order should be shipped by December 17th

The last Christmas shipping date for USA orders is December 21st. Unfortunately we are unable to estimate any Christmas shipping times for international orders.

As soon as your order ships your tracking information will be automatically emailed to you. Thank you for your patience.....SO MANY ORDERS - AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

No Shipping on Wednesday Dec 5th


Donald Trump has proclaimed Wednesday, December 5, 2018 as a National Day of Mourning to honor the life and contributions of former President George H.W. Bush. In light of this, USPS will participate by suspending regular mail deliveries, retail services, and administrative office activity for the day. All services will resume as normal December 6, 2018.

CronusMAX Back-Order Update


We're back from the Thanksgiving holidays and shipping of the CronusMAX back orders continues. Hopefully we will have all of the first shipment out by the end of the week.

The second shipment should arrive within the next week or so. As soon as they land we will continue with the second batch of back orders.

All Cronus will arrive before Christmas - don't panic :)

Thank you for your continues patience.

DriveHub Delays


Due to uprecidented sales, shipping of the Drive Hub is currently delayed for a few days. We will get more stock by December 5th and will ship all pending orders then.

Thank you for your patience!

CronusMAX June 30 Pre Orders are now shipping


We are now shipping the CronusMAX June 30th Pre-Orders. There are over 7000 orders to process so please be patient while we work as fast as we can.

As soon as your parcel has shipped you will be emailed the USPS tracking number.

Thank you for your patience.

Canada Post Strikes


Unfortunately, the Canada Post strikes have yet to be resolved. Please continue to expect a delay for any deliveries already headed to Canada via USPS, as Canada Post is the hand-off network for USPS packages sent to Canadian addresses. 

Canadian officials are updating the public as the situation changes. You can stay up-to-date here. Today, Canada Post announced it expects the worst delays for mail and parcels will be for items that originate or are destined for southern and southwestern Ontario.

Thanksgiving Store Hours


To celebrate this years Thanksgiving Holidays with our families, the Cronus store will be closed Thursday & Friday this week. Shipping will continue on Monday 26th.

Tech support will still be available on our community support page: and Charlie will still be answering the phone during office hours if you need to speak to someone.

As we count our blessings this Thanksgiving time of year, we count ourselves extremely lucky to have customers like you. Thank you for making this year a great success.

We wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving and a joyful holiday season. 


CronusMAX Back-Order Shipping Begins


Back-Orders for the CronusMAX have finally begun shipping. Orders are on a first come first served basis and there's several thousand so we really appreciate your patience while we work to get them out.

You should expect a tracking number to be sent to your email within the next few days.

Thank you and have a grteat Thanksgiving Holiday this week!

CronusMAX Back-Order Update #3


The first shipment arrived last night so we are going to be working around the clock to get those orders out. 

The second shipment is still scheduled for November 30th. 

If your order was before Nov 5th you will probably be included in the first shipment. We'll be sure to let you know by email asap.

CronusMAX Back-Order Update #2


We've got some actual dates for those waiting for their CronusMAX order. The first shipment (sold out) is now due on November 14th and the second shipment (almost sold out) on November 30th (Note: If you made your order after November 1st then you are probably allocated to the second shipment).

Hopefully they will arrive on or before these dates, we're in the hands of the customs and freight Gods unfortunately. However, once they do arrive you can be sure we will work around the clock to get the orders out - and there are thousands!

Thank you for your continued patience.


CronusMAX Back-Order Update


We have been given an update from the factory and US Customs. The first shipment of CronusMAX expects to clear customs some time towards the middle of November and the factory has shipped a second shipment to help us keep up with demand. We hope that will arrive towards the end of the month.

Sales have been INSANE!

Thank you for your patience.

DriveHub back in stock!


The DriveHub is finally back in stock and shipping now! Order now