What do the different levels of Order Status mean?

Processed: This is the default status once an order has been placed. It means your payment is being processed, your order is now in a queue and will be shipped as soon as possible. If it is Pre or Back Order, the status will remain as processed until the stock is available.

Queued: We are waiting for your payment to clear.

Failed: There was an error when processing your order. This usually happens if you close your browser while the payment is being processed. You should contact us before trying to place an order again in case the payment was successful.

Declined: The payment has been declined by your bank. This is either due to insufficient funds or the cardholder's information is incorrect. Note: The shipping address must match the billing address.

Refunded: The payment has been refunded.

Cancelled: The order has not been paid for and cancelled.

Not Finished: The order has not been finished or paid for.

Complete: The order has been collected by the courier, the tracking number is uploaded to your account and the package is on its way to you. An email is sent automatically with all the relevant information and you can login to your account to check this information at any time.