DriveHub Racing Wheel Converter

DriveHub Racing Wheel Converter

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BigSteve BigSteve Verified Purchase

I would like to thank you for an amazing product.

Updating the firmware was very easy, and it worked flawlessly on both my XBOX ONE and PS4 with my G27.

For anyone trying to decide if they want to buy this, don't even think about it, just go ahead and buy it. AWESOME Product.

Jani Lauttia Jani Lauttia Verified Purchase

Best product for connecting G27 to PS4. Works flawlessly and without any input lag and with FF. Tested today with PSVR and GT Sport and Project CARS.

Steve Bez Steve Bez Verified Purchase

Works amazingly well with GT Sport on PS4 with Fanatec GT3RS wheel and pedals... tbh works better than on the PS3.

DeeCee DeeCee Verified Purchase

Does just what it says and does it brilliantly. Certainly worth the wait for the delay in production.

Simple to update Firmware and super easy set up.

Connects my Fanatec CSR and Elite Pedals to PS4 as if the connection was just out of the box, great stuff. Works awesomely with GT Sport.
If you have been putting off getting a DriveHub, then I say go for it, you won't be disappointed.

Mr. John Chadwick Mr. John Chadwick Verified Purchase

A big thanks for this drive hub

if you are on the fence about buying this just go for it works perfectly.Im using it with a t300 rs ps4 wheel on a Xbox one Scorpio no problems at all

Up dating it was easy . I was surprised just how small this drive hub is .

Mr. Raana Ramoutar Mr. Raana Ramoutar Verified Purchase

Really wasn't sure what kind of performance to expect when I ordered the drive hub, but I got it today and I must say it's smaller than I expected and lighter. However, I connected right away on my Driving Force GT and my PS4 controller and it lit up right away and was very surprised that I could have used the wheel to navigate the menu and select GT Sport. In game, it worked perfectly and I mean in every way possible, great force feedback, car control was very sharp (as it should be), pedals worked perfectly and sequential shifter worked too. So IMO it's worth the price (seeing that I couldn't afford to upgrade my wheel) and I would highly recommend getting one. Thank you very much for this little box of magic!!!

Bert Mendiola Bert Mendiola Verified Purchase

Awesome product. I have a T300 base and a TS PC base too. Works flawlessly with both wheel bases on my PS4 Pro and my Xbox One X (even though the TS PC Racer base was not on the list). The only thing that doesn't work is the LED for the RPM when hooked up to my PS4 Pro (T300 base hooked up, I don't think it the LED was meant to work with the TS PC base). Hopefully a future update will help. If you guys can help with that issue that would be great. If not, no worries. Product works as advertised. Thanks for the great communication while product was on back order.

Dark_Falcon Dark_Falcon Verified Purchase

Now my Fanatec CSR Wheel with clubsport v1 pedals works with GT Sports and other games on the PS4.
Great tool!

ahahn ahahn Verified Purchase

Amazing! Just got this yesterday after it was backordered for a little while. I had to update the firmware on the drivehub and on my old Fanatec GT3V2 and it works perfectly on my xboxOneX. So happy to finally be able to use my old controller!

Mr. William Deitz Mr. William Deitz Verified Purchase

What a great product! Simple and straightforward setup had us playing in minutes of opening the box! Our old g27 is now back up and running!

Mr. Warren Wang Mr. Warren Wang Verified Purchase

Works brilliantly! Although I mostly use my PS4, I bought this to connect my G29 to work with my Xbox so I could access those wonderful Forza games. At first I had some trouble until I did a firmware update. After that, it has worked brilliantly, force feedback an all!


Works great! I was able to use my PS3/PS4 Thrustmaster T500RS wheel setup on my XBOX One. I tried two different games, Project Cars and Daytona USA, a compatibility mode game that I had bought for the XBOX 360. I couldn't believe that would also work but it did. So far, it's a winner and totally worth the pre-order.

Peter J Peter J Verified Purchase

It really helped me improve my lap times in GT Sport and I am really pleased with it. It's really good value.

Uli Uli Verified Purchase

I asked many gamers if there was a device that i could be used Fanatec CSW for XBOX One on a PS4, many advised against it and advised me to buy a suitable steering wheel for PS4.
But now that I have the DriveHub,
I have to say Fanatec CSW realy works on PS4!!!

Best regards from Germany

Mr. Luis Ortega Mr. Luis Ortega Verified Purchase

This is an amazing product. I can now use my XBOX 360 wheel with my PSVR. Everything works as described. Could not be happier.

A shout out to Charlie from Cronusmax for the fantastic assistance in getting everything going.

Now excuse me, have an appointment with the virtual tarmac.

Mr. Frank Schmied Mr. Frank Schmied Verified Purchase

I was using a Logitech G27 setup and wanted to play on consoles, and DriveHub is the way to go! The installation is hassle free and everything just works out of the box. I did not need to configure anything, just plug the wheel and the controller in, and you are good to go.
I since upgraded to a Fanatec setup and I drive on various systems, PC, PS4 and XBox, and the box just works. The experience with a fanatec wheel is really great, force feedback included, and there is no noticable lag.
With the companion box, you can even mix and match different shifters or hand brakes with any wheel.

Mr. Viu Gabriel Mr. Viu Gabriel Verified Purchase

An extraordinary product that solves major compatibility issues.
100% performance
0% latency
You don't even feel it exists in the system.

Printre cele mai bune gadgeturi in branșă. Daca nu cel mai bun. 5*
Recomand. (ROU)

Mr. Nick de Jong Mr. Nick de Jong Verified Purchase

Wow, what a useful product. Combine your racing with just plugging in. Happy, that it went that easy. Currently usic Fanatecpedals and Logitech G90 wheel. Works normal, as it was meant to be.

Mr. Carl Castelein Mr. Carl Castelein Verified Purchase

After the disappointment that my G25 did not work on PS4, i fell on this product.
It works great with my old logitech G25 and PS4. Very quick and easy setup. I was up and running in 2 minutes.

Highly recommended.