Cronus Zen **$10 OFF BLACK FRIDAY SALE**

Cronus Zen **$10 OFF BLACK FRIDAY SALE**

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Jesus Rodriguez Jesus Rodriguez Verified Purchase

Parcel arrived damaged but not Cronus fault.

Davion Davion Verified Purchase

Slow covid shipping but works great

Mr. Eka Sandjaja Mr. Eka Sandjaja Verified Purchase

Good, but expensive, supports PS5!

Mr. Michael De Los Santos Mr. Michael De Los Santos Verified Purchase

I loved the product even though it was a wait I liked the feature but something that’s out of my control is how mouse and keyboard are with PlayStation

Mr. Jeremy Sanchez Mr. Jeremy Sanchez Verified Purchase

Haven’t had any problems with it. Except I think the cable to connect from the Cronus zen to the controller should be better, it keeps disconnecting.

Mr. Bob Gunga Mr. Bob Gunga Verified Purchase

good good