Cronus Zen **$10 OFF BLACK FRIDAY SALE**

Cronus Zen **$10 OFF BLACK FRIDAY SALE**

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Guest Guest

Great product

Mr. Richard K Mr. Richard K Verified Purchase

Spoke to Cronus Support and all my issues have now been fixed.

Ryad Ryad Verified Purchase

Great Product

Mr. Bob Gunga Mr. Bob Gunga Verified Purchase

good good

Mr. Jeremy Sanchez Mr. Jeremy Sanchez Verified Purchase

Haven’t had any problems with it. Except I think the cable to connect from the Cronus zen to the controller should be better, it keeps disconnecting.

Mr. Eka Sandjaja Mr. Eka Sandjaja Verified Purchase

Good, but expensive, supports PS5!

Mr. Michael De Los Santos Mr. Michael De Los Santos Verified Purchase

I loved the product even though it was a wait I liked the feature but something that’s out of my control is how mouse and keyboard are with PlayStation

Davion Davion Verified Purchase

Slow covid shipping but works great

Jesus Rodriguez Jesus Rodriguez Verified Purchase

Parcel arrived damaged but not Cronus fault.

Trickshotting King Trickshotting King Verified Purchase

This this is amazing. It helped me join sabbath as the best mw2 player. Best thing I could ever buy. The possibilities with this product are endless. All I did was press one button and all of a sudden i'm naccing left and right and bolt moving through entire buildings and frag repeatering with my toes.

Mr. Daniel Jeong Mr. Daniel Jeong Verified Purchase

Fast and reliable for my games. Definitely will recommend to friends.

Mr. steve simon Mr. steve simon Verified Purchase

Great product, updated regularly.

 Nicolas Ramirez Nicolas Ramirez Verified Purchase

This product helps me so much. My aim is just ridiculous how good it is.

Mr. Naoufal AATALLA Mr. Naoufal AATALLA Verified Purchase

Gret product
Work perfectly keybord and mouse emulation in ps4

Mr. Chris Selgrad Mr. Chris Selgrad Verified Purchase

Fantastic product!

Mr. James Braun Mr. James Braun Verified Purchase

Absolutely amazing product, I use it to use my Xbox elite controller on my ps5 and it's so good, the ONLY complaint I have is that vibration doesn't work on thr crossover but thats such a small thing I can live with it

Mr. Edgardo Rivera Mr. Edgardo Rivera Verified Purchase

Excellent device - helped a lot and not only w/ COD - works awesome for nba too

JP JP Verified Purchase

A little tricky to get working due to the nature of adapters but once you do it works flawlessly. Best adapter for nearly all your modern to semi modern gaming needs.

Mr. Jordan Humphreys Mr. Jordan Humphreys Verified Purchase


Mr. Matthew Brick Mr. Matthew Brick Verified Purchase

Works exactly as advertised! Is much easier to set up and get running than I thought it would be.

Stephen Stephen Verified Purchase

Great product! Fast shipping! Would buy again!

Mr. Trevor Ledbetter Mr. Trevor Ledbetter Verified Purchase

Works great, easy to set up, easy to use and there's a lot of videos in case of any confusion. Great product.

Mr. Evan Flores Mr. Evan Flores Verified Purchase

Great product does what it says is going to do if you bought this I would assume you did your research is it it's not going to turn you into a great player if you're not already good if you suck you still going to suck if you're good you'll be a little better

Mr. Michael Emerson Mr. Michael Emerson Verified Purchase

After using Cronus for months now, I don’t want to play without. Gives me more freedom when I play I.e. auto slide cancel, sniper breathe etc.

Mr. jean marc vulliez Mr. jean marc vulliez Verified Purchase

tres bon produit merci
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