• Hendrik Hellemons

    DriveHub customer here. I have Fanatec CSW v2.5 and CSL Elite pedal set with the brake mod load cell kit plugged in to the CSW base. I use only the brake mod load cell and gas pedal for gaming on PS4 pro. The connected controller is the old ds4 v1 controller. I have a F1 BMW P1 Xbox and PS4 Fanatec wheel and it ALL works good with racing games, force feedback is good too. All working 100% since last december and latest firmware update drivehub 2.14rc and 2.1 and fanatec driver 273 firmware 018 - all feels fine !!!!

    Hendrik Hellemons


  • Mr. Charlie Stock

    I recently received my drive hub and couldn't be happier. After watching a 2 min. Youtube video instructing how to hook up a Fanatec CSR set to an Xbox1, I was up and running. Finally racing again after watching my racing simulator collect dust for the last 2 yrs due to compatibility issues with new gaming consoles, also works flawlessly on my PS4 !!!

    Mr. Charlie Stock


  • Greg Carswell

    I was the problem child and doubted this product. I have a Fanatec GT2 and V2 pedals. I waited a long time for a product like this and finally here it is. At first I could not get the Drivehub to sync with my equipment. So I texted and texted to get help. I was told that the Drivehub works,but I got frustrated due to what I thought was a lack of knowledge on my part. Long story short, I asked for a refund and they kindly said ok, but I really didn't want a refund, I wanted the Drivehub. I had a week of vacation I saved to mess with GTS and now would use some of the time to figure out why I was having issues. I set up the Drivehub, it didn't work and like at work some times you have to reboot your computer. I rebooted my PS4 and you guessed it...the sun came out. It's a great product, thanks you for you patience during a difficult time in my life with the loss of my dad, but in the end I am a happy customer and will tell others about your great product. Kindest regards, Gcturbo

    Greg Carswell


  • Ms. Julie Perillon

    I was sceptic about the way that it works. But i works really fine! Thank you for that revolutionary little thing that saves me a lot of money!!

    Ms. Julie Perillon


  • Mitchell

    Absolutley brilliant company to work with. Very helpful and always look after me!



  • Scott

    CronusMax works great for disabled gamers and amputees. This product allows the user to remap button functions so that all of the functions are on one side to the controller. This has worked great for my child. Additionally, you can create combos that mimic multiple button pushes in rapid succession. This is helpful for one handed gamers or people with mobility or fine motor skill issues. You can use the CronusMax with different input devices (like a USB Joystick) to remap buttons and joystick movements to emulate your game console controller. Programming scripts to remap and for combos is not easy or intuitive, however there is great support on the CronusMax forums. Users even volunteer to create scripts for you. I hope more disabled gamers become aware of this incredible device. If you are a disabled gamer (friend or parent of one) please get the word out. This has helped my child tremendously.




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  • Mr. Kyle Gilsdorf

    The cronusmax works like no other i think it's the best thing to get for anyone not comfortable with their controller.

    Mr. Kyle Gilsdorf



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  • Wendy

    Shipping was very fast and well packaged, thank you so much.




    Pleasure doing business with you!
  • Phil

    Excellent website, super range of products, I'll be back.




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  • Robert

    Wonderful products and great service. Very happy with my purchase!




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